A major network pulled an episode out of ‘sensitivity’ to the Boston bombings. It depicted a woman brainwashing children to kill other children. And we wonder why our society is like it is? I will no longer watch NBC News, either. The series is “Hannibal.”

No power

Today, we ended up without electrical service. It appears that our power company, for some reason they don’t think they have to call you and let you know you will be without poser – they just do it. I guess they have no way of calling people, or there’s just too many people to call. There needs to be a system in place to let people know that they’re going to be working on the lines, if it’s nothing more than putting it on TV and radio locally first thing in the morning. It is a very big inconvenience, and yet they expect you to pay them promptly and on time. So something needs to be equalled out, here: if I’m going to pay you on time, you’re going to let me know if you’re going to cut my power off and inconvenience me.

Cutting pay

I wanted to say kudos to the person who called in the TalkBack recently about the sequestration cuts. I agree with that person: Why are we cutting the Americans’ pay, but we’re not cutting any of that foreign funding to any of these countries that absolutely hate us.

Sales tax

I recently saw an ad urging South Carolina residents to shop for large household items in Georgia because there is no sales tax for out of state residents. Sounds like a bargain, right? Well, here is what happened to me. I bought a leather sofa at a North Carolina furniture outlet. They didn’t charge me sales tax, and I thought the transaction was finished. Two years later I heard from the S.C. Department of Revenue. I not only owed the sales tax, but also the interest on the sales tax, plus a penalty. Does this sound like a bargain?

Date night

Ah, the new date night destination for a romantic dinner – A parking lot to watch 18-wheelers deliver lumber. What a dining experience.

Gas prices

You noticed the gasoline prices being posted when they were high, so people could find the cheaper prices? That was a good idea. Why not for prescription drugs? Some of these places are really ripping off Medicare.


Why are the SRS retirees complaining? They are the ones that raised the cost of health care in this area.


Why should a student go to high school for four years, when he or she could complete all requirements in three months and take a G.E.D. equivalency test?