Praise for retiring nurse

Wanda Houghton, my nurse for more than a decade, will be retiring next week.

Medicine, as we all can witness, is changing at an unstoppable speed, computerized technology is taking over, for better or for worse, probably for worse, despite undeniable benefits.

In light of that change, Houghton's enthusiasm, hard work, dedication and sincerity, all of which she gracefully cultivated as a reminiscence of a good old school, stand out as a proof and reminder to all of us.

Houghton has a compassion, one of the greatest, yet often neglected virtues of medical profession. I don't think it's possible to be a really good physician or nurse and not see yourself reflected in your patients' struggles and fears. Houghton, through that reflection, treated our patients with respect, she did small things in a great way and she truly enjoyed her job.

It is with gratitude that I look back not only at the long hours of our team work and mutual understanding, but also at those numerous moments of laughter and joy we shared together.

The saying goes that a good time to retire is before it's too late to have a good time. I know that I speak for many of our patients as well as myself, so, many thanks for all you have done and best of luck for a long and happy retirement.

Dr. Danijela Zotovic