The South Carolina Democratic Party has been issuing daily emails that include comments attributed to Republicans on the topic of Mark Sanford.

The idea is to use the words of Sanford’s fellow Republicans to tear down the former governor and GOP nominee in the special election to fill the vacant 1st District seat in Congress.

Some samples of what the Democrats, supporting their nominee businesswoman Elizabeth Colbert Busch, call “Daily Dose of Republicans on Sanford.”

• Then-state Sen. Mick Mulvaney, now a congressman, said, “Someone called me and said, ‘Are you going to defend the governor? ... I’m thinking to myself, ‘How can I defend the indefensible? This is absolutely, positively wrong and I can’t believe he would do it. In fact, at several levels it’s disgusting.”’

• Then-state Rep. Tim Scott, now a U.S. senator, signed a legislative letter calling for Sanford’s resignation that stated, “Your admitted actions and the facts surrounding the allegations against you — which are currently being investigated by the State Ethics Commission — reveal a pattern of poor decision making and questionable leadership.“

Sanford was pretty much on cruise control until this week, his libertarian views and forgiveness tour proving popular. Now comes the further test: News that his ex-wife and the state’s former first lady, Jenny Sanford, has accused him of repeatedly trespassing in her home.

Sanford answered with a statement explaining why he was at his wife’s Sullivans Island residence on Feb. 3.

Jenny Sanford filed a complaint the next day, saying his visit on that night and several other occasions violated their divorce settlement.

The (time) between now and the May 7 election will show whether the Democrats are willing to put money behind their words in a belief that Sanford can be beaten.

But don’t ask us to bet against Mark Sanford.