Contractors and their employees at the Savannah River Site have seen some dramatic changes due to sequestration and further looming budget cuts, but the management and the liquid-waste contractors are making efforts to ease the financial transition, while also looking to keep their employees healthy.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, the management and operations contractor, has launched a new program to provide a range of physical therapy services to all SRS employees, while liquid-waste contractor Savannah River Remediation sponsored the SRR 2013 Employee Health Fair Thursday.

Physical therapy

The days of long drives, even longer wait times and work challenges associated with ongoing physical therapy appointments are drawing to an end for SRS employees thanks to a partnership between SRNS and Georgialina Physical Therapy Associates. The companies have launched a new program to offer physical therapy services.

“Any SRS employee can schedule an appointment with us at our on-site location,” said Brett Brannon, co-owner of Georgialina Physical Therapy Associates. “We provide the same services at our SRS clinic that we do in any of our eight locations across the CSRA. Best of all, it is just as easy to receive services; we bill the patient’s insurance company, just like our traditional offices do.”

The Georgialina SRS-based clinic currently is open every Tuesday and Thursday.

“SRNS is proud of the partnership we have formed with Georgialina Physical Therapy to bring this worthwhile service to SRS. It is just one more example of our company’s commitment to assisting SRS employees take control of their personal health and physical wellness,” said Terry Hanna, employee health and productivity wellness coordinator.

Georgialina Physical Therapy Associates is 100 percent locally owned and operated.

Health screenings

SRR formed a partnership with University Hospital to offer health screenings on-site at a Thursday health fair as part of SRR’s wellness initiatives. Calling the fair a huge success, Dave Olson, SRR president and project manager, said the employees received important information they need to remain focused on their personal health.

“This partnership has helped give SRR employees the right tools to apply to our own personal health,” said Olson. “We continue to stay mindful of our wellness initiatives to improve safety and health, both on-and off-site.”

At the health fair, SRR employees had the opportunity to receive lab work that measured blood sugar, lipid profile and hemoglobin A1C. They also were able to receive prostate screenings and plaque scans to help identify possible blockage in the arteries.

Additionally, University Hospital education booths gave employees information on health-related topics including orthopedics and spine, cancer, sleep lab, breast health, home health, wound and hyperbaric treatments, and diabetes.