Mistakes made with terrorists

I think President Obama has errorred gravely in his leadership regarding terrorists, which goes back to Libya, where our people were left to die. It emboldened our enemies around the world and here at home.

One of the most egregious errors was giving Miranda rights to enemy combatants. Our constitution was written to protect and guide the United States. It doesn’t govern outsiders, which brings me to the bombing in Boston.

I don’t know if the younger brother had the forethought to become a naturalized citizen where he would be afforded rights under the Constitution instead of being sent to Gitmo if caught. It makes no sense otherwise if he was going to kill people he took an oath to be loyal to. Be that as it may, if that was the case, his rights and citizenship should be revoked.

I also believe that Obama’s idea to close Gitmo puts the citizens of our country in danger.

If I were a terrorist with nothing to loose and was put into a prison with people of like mind, I would build an army within. Imagine you have all day long to plot and plan a take over. You know that every prison has an armory. It wouldn’t take long to see the weakness in the enemies’ daily routine. If coordinated around the country there would be a formidable army to break out into society and tear this country in half. That and the fact that Obama’s idiotic quest to destroy the Second Amendment would leave everyone vulnerable.

Lastly, I believe that we should implement a new law that automatically gives the death penalty to terrorists as a deterrent. There should also be a maximum two-year appeals process, which stops years of living on death row at the taxpayer’s expense.

Gregory J. Topliff