Background checks

I’m trying to figure something out. Obama is wanting to have a check on everyone who wants to buy a gun. I can understand that. But why is he wanting to give 11 million illegal people citizenship and has asked nothing about the background check on them, knowing that some of them are criminals, some are murderers, but it’s OK to go free on that? But on honest, law-abiding American citizens, who he wants to check on to see who’s got a gun? That’s what it’s boiling down to.

Drugs, guns

Bill O’Reilly is at it again. He feels that we need to protect the people who want to buy drugs from the bad drug dealers. The only consequence of buying drugs and overdosing oneself would be suicide. No one else would become the victim of this action. It is called taking responsibility for yourself. However, according to O’Reilly, it is OK to buy an assault rifle, because that is a Constitutional right. Those weapons are often used to harm other people. Newtown, Conn., is only one example out of a long list of recent shootings. That seems to be OK though. Unfortunately, many people agree with O’Reilly, and that is really sad.

Sobriety tests

I just read the article where there was a public meeting concerning the unfortunate death of a pedestrian at the hands of a driver, and I saw where Chief Charles Barranco said one has to be under arrest before they can submit to a field sobriety test. I’m not sure where he got his law degree from, but one can submit to a voluntary field sobriety test anytime the officer asks him to. If they fail to submit to it, they can also charge.

NBC programming

With ABC and CBS showing regular programs, I don’t understand why NBC has to stay on the air nonstop with the bombing. People who watch soaps don’t care about that. At least I’m getting a lot of work done. I’m going to stop watching NBC at all.

Obama’s ‘brain game’

I was reading in the paper about the “brain game,” where they were talking about the president needing to examine his brain. He obviously did that long before he went Harvard. You see what he’s doing? He is the commander-in-chief.