Banning weapons

As a gun owner being faced with my guns being banned, may I suggest that we now ban pressure cookers. Chefs and cooks beware!

Sequestration cuts

Am I the only one wondering why the sequestrian cuts are affecting only Americans, yet we continue to give money to other countries? Shouldn’t we cut others first before we cut tax-paying Americans?

Sanford’s guilt

I cannot believe Mark Sanford was caught sneaking into his ex-wife’s house and didn’t get arrested. That is a crime, and he should’ve been arrested. But we South Carolinians – I was born and have been raised here all my life – are going to reelect a man who is so crooked and has something to hide that he has to sneak into his ex-wife’s house to try to find out what she’s got on him? It’s a sad, sad day for politics in the United States, no matter whether you’re Republican or Democrat – I don’t trust any of them.

Texting and driving

This is for all the cell-phone drivers and texters: When I am in the car with you, it is so rude for you to be talking to someone else. You need to be talking to me. I’m in the car with you. And you’re also putting my life in danger and anyone else’s life who happens to be in the car with you or who happens to be crossing your path, while you’re mumbling and moaning on with useless chatter that means absolutely nothing. Is it worth putting your friends, your family and innocent people’s lives at risk, so you can talk about the weather?

Out-of-state drivers

Just wondering what happened to the crackdown in Aiken County about out-of-state license plates. There’s a place on Aiken County’s website where you can report. I’ve reported one three times and nothing’ has been done – out of state license, no insurance, license expired three years in the state of Georgia – nothing has been done about it. This just makes our insurance higher in South Carolina.

Country music

I wanted to call to say that I agree with the person who sent in a comment about country music changes and that country music is not what country music used to be. I just wanted to say kudos to that writer. I’m ashamed to see some of the clothes and tattoos. It’s just not at all what real country music means to this country.

Grocery costs

I had a guy offer me $80 worth of groceries for $20 at Reid’s in Aiken several days ago. I wonder what’s up with that.