Living peacefully

You know what happened in Boston was a tragedy. But I don’t see why we criticize someone for doing this when we send troops to do the exact same things in other countries. Maybe if we actually lived the way we’re supposed to, and elected politicians who would bring peace instead of these idiot neoconservatives and these Obama-type liberals, we’d be able to live in peace. Maybe if people who were pro-life, such as myself, actually held a consistent life ethic, actually knew the difference an unjust war and a just war, we wouldn’t be going doing this in another country. Why do people not cry for the Palestinian kids that get attacked by Israelis, or the churches that are bombed in Pakistan? No child should ever lose his or her life, and, if you’re not willing to change that, if you’re not willing to do something about it, you’re just as guilty.

Tax increases

The Aiken Master Plan for Recreation wants a 2 percent increase on prepared food and beverage. We are paying 7 percent now. That’s a 35 percent increase! We would all be paying 9 percent on each restaurant visit. What’s it for? It’s to replace youth service fees for softball, soccer and adult church league softball teams. We already have paid for some great parks. Let those folks who wish to play on teams in our parks pay the small fee they are now paying.

NAACP support

Regarding NAACP, where were you? Where were we when Sandy Rogers and Scotty Richardson were killed? We were right there with the memorials for each of these fallen heroes, and their killers were caught and charged. We were there and supported both prayerfully and financially. But of course you would know this if you had attended a branch meeting, open to the public You do not have to be a member to attend and its held the first Tuesday each month at 7 p.m. at the Smith-Hazel Recreational Center. I emphasize, if you want to know what the NAACP is doing, come to our meeting.

Athletic programs

Congratulations to Aiken Tech. May we now expect the removal of parasitic athletic programs from the shrinking budgets of our secondary schools?

Media coverage

In our “media soaked” society, the best way for evil losers to get their names and pictures out there is to kill some innocent people. We see it over and over. I truly believe that if the media would not print pictures and names of these attention-seeking nuts, our country would be a safer place.

Senators’ funds

Looks like our senators have had their pockets well stuffed with NRA money. Shame on you Graham and Scott.