Gun control

Terrorists, rapists, child molesters and wife-beaters are welcome in South Carolina. They have friends in Joe Wilson, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott who support their right to purchase guns with no questions asked. How is it that 90 percent of the American public, including gun owners, support more extensive background checks to prohibit criminals from purchasing firearms; but our senators and representatives refuse to even discuss closing loopholes in our current gun laws. This makes no sense. Closing loopholes in our current gun laws does not infringe on our Second Amendment rights to bear arms, but would make it tougher for criminals to buy them. Joe Wilson, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott need to re-examine their priorities.

Tax rate

Republicans versus Democrats? How about when people pay their income taxes they declare whether they’re a Republican or a Democrat? If you’re a Democrat, that means they’re all in favor supporting the welfare system and giving all these poor or unfortunate people all this government stuff. Let them pay 70 percent income tax to cover it. Or if they declare Republican and they’re not in favor of funding all these government programs to keep the poor, then you they 30 percent income tax. Let’s see how many people would really volunteer to be a Democrat after that’s all said and done.

Go green

What a great opportunity for the City of Aiken, to promote energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases, reduce use of gasoline, all sorts of things in the energy sector by simply doing what they should be doing since they took control of Whiskey Road and put in sidewalks. That way, children can ride their bicycles to school from down as far as Talatha Church Road. They should put in street lights that are perhaps solar-sourced – they’re cheap. It would reduce the electric bill and utilize solar power. There are all sorts of opportunities. But, no, the City is going to continue with all the unnecessary projects that we need downtown for the horse district. They don’t care about the tax base in South Aiken that provides all this money to the City.


Fox News just announced that everyone in the South is on antibiotics. All you have to do is ask your doctor, or tell your doctor you want an antibiotic. Excuse me, I do not believe in them. The more you take, the more you depend on them, and then you’re “Go get the antibiotics. Go get the antibiotics.” This is seriously wrong.