Having the paparazzi zoom in on you might be an idea you brush off, but, if you come out to “The Bobby Dallas After-Party,” those cameras and microphones will be just another part of the evening.

Everyone that comes out for the interactive, country-western show will be given the full, red-carpet, star-treatment on April 25-27 at Bobby’s Bar-B-Q .

Legendary country singer Bobby Dallas, played by local Vince Cloud, has fallen in with some tricky times with the IRS. So he embarked on an appropriately-named tour – the Tax Man Tour – in hopes of squaring away his debt. And, now, that tour has come to an end, and Dallas is ready to party with his entourage, a cast made up of other Aikenites, and you.

“Interactive plays are so fun and are such an unique experience for the audience/guests that they are very successful when performed right. By that, I mean when they are played for real and not for caricature,” said Mark Nassar, who co-wrote “Bobby Dallas.” “Of course, the characters are all dysfunctional in a spectacular way, but the audience should feel like they are at an actual event ... (with) the red carpet and paparazzi ... the requisite food and drink and dance. And the story – you’ll feel like you’re living in a country song.”

With Cloud will be Jeanne Webb, Devon Hampton, Jennifer Webb, Brent and Brooke Lundy, John Lewis, Michael Anzalone, Julie Whitesell, Sallye Rich, Robbie Purvis, Stephanie Smith and Sidney Earnest. Nassar is the only person not from the area.

“We chose locals because we felt Aiken has such a diverse group of very talented people who could fill these Southern-based roles like pros,” said Brooke Lundy, who also helped created the show. “We plan to bring this show to numerous other cities in the future, but this is an exclusive change to experience this show in its premier weekend.”

Nassar will play Max, Dallas’ publicist, while Brooke will be Lorette, Dallas’ estranged, soon-to-be ex-wife.

The whole idea came from London playwrights the Heathers Brothers. They brought it to Nassar who then turned to Lundy. He and Lundy, who have worked together many times before, wrote the script and music together.

Lundy lives in Los Angeles now but has not forgotten her Aiken roots. She comes back yearly for the Women’s Heart Board Benefit productions and has been in two showings of the “Always, Patsy Cline.”

Nassar has been in Aiken before. In fact, those previous experiences influenced his decision to bring “Bobby Dallas” here.

“Aiken was the perfect spot to try this project out,” he said. “I brought ‘Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding’ eight years ago, and my experience was stellar.”

“Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding” was a show that Nassar helped formed in his college days. It was performed in Aiken twice, once in 2004 and again in 2009.

The concept is the same, a show where the audience plays a part. But in “Tony N’ Tina’s,” the audience played the role of the wedding guests.

Nassar met Lundy when he brought that show to Aiken.

“I was involved in ‘Tony N’ Tina’ as an actor/singer,” Lundy said. “After the first time, I soon relocated to New York where I worked in other shows and on other projects with Mark and other ‘Tony N’ Tina’ castmates.”

Locals were also cast in 2009’s “Tony N’ Tina’s.” According to the Aiken Standard, Rich was the other “Bobby Dallas” cast member to appear in that show.

Doors for “Bobby Dallas” will open at 7 p.m.

Ticket prices vary. Back row seats are $80 per person or $640 for a table of eight. Front row tables are $100 per person or $800 per table. Tickets include the show, dinner and beer and wine. A cash bar will also be available.

All proceeds will go the Aiken chapter of the American Red Cross.

Bobby’s Bar-B-Q is located at 1897 Jefferson Davis Highway, Warrenville. The show will be in the Horse Creek Banquet Hall.

For more information on tickets, email Molly Hunt at mollyh@usca.edu or call 888-610-3372.

For more information on the show, visit www.bobbydallasafterparty.com.