Good that gun bill failed

It was good to see the Senate defeat the latest assault on the second amendment right to own and carry hand guns. The proposals put forth by the liberal establishment would have affected only law abiding citizens and not those who are intent on hurting their fellow citizens.

It’s merely another way that government is trying to enlarge itself at the expense of individual liberty; another step on the march to socialism.

It’s impossible for our law enforcement personnel to afford rank and file citizens the same protection from violence as that afforded to the public officials, who, by the way, were the loudest proponents of additional gun control. Since I cannot rely on the government to protect me, I demand the right to be allowed to protect myself and my family.

Secondly, the perpetrators from whom we need protection already violate existing laws, and the proposed additional legislation would not affect their abilities to obtain a handgun. If they’re going to break the law by killing, robbing or molesting innocent victims, they are not going to be prevented from doing so by some silly new law that has no teeth and was passed only because a frustrated citizenry wanted the government to do something.

For years, gun rights activists have been claiming that if guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns, and that guns don’t kill people, only people kill people. It seems that the liberal politicos in Washington don’t know how to listen. Passing ineffective legislation in response to angry citizens is worse than passing no legislation at all. It prevents law abiding citizens from doing for themselves what government is incapable of doing for them.

David J. Didimamoff