Universal background check travesty

Some people congratulate themselves today. They congratulate themselves that a felon, a domestic abuser, a severely and dangerously mentally disturbed individual can go to a gun show or go online and purchase a gun with no background check.

Fully 40 percent of all gun sales take place in gun shows and online, where background checks are not required. Thank goodness violent criminals and the seriously mentally disturbed continue to have unlimited access to weapons that can be used to dismember 6-and-7-year-olds. Congratulations to all you who fell for the lie that a very watered down bill, asking for basic background checks, would somehow create a federal gun registry (even though the bill specifically prohibited the creation of such a registry.) Thank goodness the NRA and the gun lobby won’t lose a dime and will be able to continue to buy the votes of elected officials across the nation.

How courageous of you, Senator Lindsey Graham, to stand up to the families of gun violence and vote that every American, mentally ill, felon, domestic abuser, shall have the right to own a gun. I can only hope you are sleeping well, comforted by your pillows and pockets, padded with the blood-soaked money of the NRA.

My dad is legally blind. He can see, just not very well. Let’s give him a driver’s license. Although he’s legally blind, doesn’t he deserve to be able to drive a car? After all, he may not run down your kids. But even if he does, at least blind American everywhere will get a chance to drive.

It’s a sad day for our country when senators like Graham and (Tim) Scott care more about an A rating from the NRA then an A rating from their constituents.

Melissa Sherwood