Where were they?

I would like to question the NAACP. Where were they when Sandy Rogers was killed? Where was the NAACP when Scotty Richardson was killed? What about Delance Watson, Rick Harden or David Maple? Where were they then? Please, let them tell me why, and where they were?

Shared pain

If the budget is so terrible at Savannah River Site, why is the Department of Energy not sharing some of this furlough? It is at several other Department of Energy sites. Several DOE employees are being furloughed. I’d like an answer from the Department of Energy.

Ball trick

Hearing about the ball trick at the Masters by Woods just proves one simple thing: Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Wasted resources

Our state senators are focusing on wasting our police resources on seat belt enforcement and now texting. They should focus on the quality of life within our communities and pass a noise pollution law, which could be easily enforced.