A record total of 172 teachers through the CSRA have received a combined $75,000 in “mini-grants” from Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

The teachers were recognized at a reception Thursday. Dwayne Wilson, SRNS' president and CEO, took that position in 2011. He was so impressed with the program a year ago that he added another $25,000 in grants.

“We are proud,” he said in a press release, “to reward educators who exhibit a strong passion for helping students better understand math, science and technology through innovative teaching methods.”

Thanks to the efforts of six North Aiken Elementary School teachers, dozens of students will get to “Build a Foundation” - learning how to move math concepts from concrete to abstract.

The teachers - Melissa Henry, Tyisha Carter, Charidy Simon, Latoya Wise, Shakia Wheeler and Curtis Dawkins - will share $500 to provide instructional assistance to their kids.

“We wanted a project that would give our kids more hands-on with manipulatives,” Wheeler said. “It has worked out well.”

The Teaching Mini-Grant Program awarded the funds through applications to SRNS. Millbrook Elementary School teachers did especially well, among them Sunny Forker. She plans to obtain a digital camera.

“We're going to hatch butterflies in the animal life cycle,” she said. “We'll be able to record pictures in lapsed time, as well as digital video. So many times in the past, our butterflies have hatched over the weekend, and my kids were devastated. This will allow them to have documentation that yes, their babies hatched.”

Here are the grant winners, listed by school:

$1,000 Grant Winners

• Chukker Creek Elementary School - Roberta Conner, Frankie Young; Esther Blake, Amanda Sheppard; Holly Wills, Mary Anne Brookshire, Pat Maranda.

• Clearwater Elementary School - Katrina Brooks.

• Allendale Elementary School - Patricia Johnson.

• Aiken Elementary School - Anne Blackwell.

• Millbrook Elementary School - Cheryl Zimmerman.

• Wardlaw Academy - Kathy James; Kenneth Bailey.

• Kelly Edwards Elementary School - Nancy Brady-Wood.

• LBC Middle School - Courtney Harley.

• Merriwether Middle School - Debbie McCain.

• Mead Hall Episcopal School - Sharon Segres, Kelly Reynolds, Kari Heins.

• East Aiken School of the Arts - Melanie Starks; Susan Gerstenberger, Erica Neal, Amanda McIvoy, Cathy Burbury.

• Greendale Elementary School - Karen Fennel-Dawson, Elizabeth McClearenn, Dana Williams, Jodi Webster.

• W.E. Parker Elementary School - Jocelyn Abney.

• Macedonia Elementary School - Tina Sanderlin.

• A. Brian Merry Elementary School - Jeanne Dismer.

• North Aiken Elementary School - Kathy Mathis.

• Evans Elementary School - Ann Jones, Susan Richey, Kristy Marchman.

• Blackville-Hilda Junior High - Elizabeth Humphrey, Jacqueline Ballard, Valerie Walker.

• Gloverville Elementary School - Katrina Brooks.

• Belvedere Elementary School - Debbie Vaughn.

• Guinyard-Butler Middle school - Melanie Moore Correll.

$750 Grant Winners

• Aiken Middle School - Margaret Fussell.

• Byrd Elementary School - Katherine Mitchum, Michelle Fernandez, Lisa Robinson, Crystal Watkins; Stacey Chafin, Jason Martin, Ginny Busbee, Andrea Williams.

• Mead Hall - Susan Sadler, Nancy McMichael.

• Brian Merry - Palema Shaffer.

• East Aiken - Ivey Peteet, Anna Underwood, Shomoneik Brown, Kim Herring.

• Westminister Schools - Theresa Bone.

• Lewiston Elementary School - Alicia Miller.

• Busbee Corbett Elementary Middle School - Christine Walcott.

• Mead Hall Aiken Prep campus - Ashley Elvis.

• New Ellenton Middle School - Tamekia Valentine; Debra Rood, Kerri Dean, Renee Johnson.

• W.E. Parker - Jennifer Rice; Nancy Jolly.

$500 Grant Winners

• Busbee Corbett - Erria Daniels.

• Aiken Middle - Margaret Brown.

• Lakeside Middle School - Darlene Belto, Melissa Dupree, Mia Wuchte.

• Kennedy Middle School - Trina Terlizzi.

• Merriwether Elementary School - La'Kendra Garrett; Mandy Lowe.

• Chukker Creek - Polly Riede; Janette Godwin; Holly Palmer; Beverly Wills; Jessica Walker; Jane Ditullio; Barbara Bowers, Caroline Day, Marni Lawson, Theresa Casey, Matt Wilkin; Pamela Shelnutt, Miranda Whitson.

• Belvedere - Jane Ayers; Frane Risse; Logan Meeks.

• Evans - Karen Heise.

• Jefferson Elementary School - Ellen Cotton; Kristine Pencille.

• Aiken Elementary - Erin Bradberry; Beth Eberhard; Carla Kerrigan; Marianne Swearingen.

• Millbrook - Laura Christenbury; Julie Baker Cruse; Sunny Forker; Keller Hastings, Leah Lewis; Jennifer Melton, Carole Anderson; Chasity McDaniel; Lisa Montgomery; Kelly Moulton, Karey Santos; Dense Spacek; Vanessa Stone, Jenny Taylor; Tomeka Williams, Mandy Stephens.

• LBC - Allison Newbegin; Mary Brooks.

• Oakwood-Windsor Elementary School - Denise Barnhart.

• Baker Place Elementary School - Sandra Ringel.

• Mead Hall - Julie McClain, Patricia Carroll; Diane Hancock.

• Mossy Creek Elementary School - Theresa Spieker.

• Johnston Elementary School - Angela Fallaw.

• North Augusta Elementary School - Leslie Bailey, Ashka Holmes; Bobbi Noe.

• Stallings Island Middle School - Jane ElLassi, Joan Adkins.

• East Aiken- Davina Truitt; Grace Turnampos, Alexandra Timandi, Laura Deal, Emilie Davis.

• Hammond Hill Elementary School - Ginger Pope; Jan Boulineau; Kristen Printup; Uyen Griffis.

• Warrenville Elementary School - Nan Croft.

• North Aiken - Melissa Henry, Tyisha Carter, Charidy Simon, Latoya Wise, Shatia Wheeler, Curtis Dawkins.

• Gloverville - Brandi Busbee.

• Greendale - Sandra Josey, Carolyn Holston, Nicole Cummings; Carol Hayes; Gail Cummings, CaraLynn Williams; Sarah McKinnon, Jennifer Green, Julianne Dove.

• W.E. Parker - Jenny Mims; Amber Scales, Pam Moore;

• Merriwether Middle - Rewa Milton.

• Jackson Middle School - Leona Guyton; Janice Johnson, Mike Johnson, April Slack.

• J.D. Lever Elementary School - Dawn Bryant, Lisa Davis, Sarah Walton, Amy Swanson.

• New Ellenton - Karen Matthews, Bonnie McNeill; Mary Johnson, Scott Sutherland.