Bettis safety

Are you safe on Bettis Academy Road? I have friends and family that live there. They are afraid to walk out their door in fear for their lives and property. There are endless break-ins. Theft is a daily occurrence. People are having to build steel structures around external air conditioner units. I do not visit my friends without first calling to say I am on my way and strapping a 9 mm to my side when I arrive. If you are considering buying a home anywhere from I-20 to Graniteville and out any of the connecting roads, be aware that you are taking your life and property into your own hands. If you live there, arm yourself. Install burglar alarms and video cameras that will let you know when someone is there so you can protect yourself.

Hurray for Scoppe

Hurray for Cindi Ross Scoppe. Finally, a public voice speaking sensibly about the proposals in the S.C. legislature to permit concealed weapons in establishments that serve alcohol and another to prohibit doctors from discussing gun ownership with a patient. It is also interesting that the proponents of little or no government interference with individual rights would try to impose controls on a doctor-patient, one-on-one relationship. Does the word “hypocrisy” come to mind? And the idea to allow concealed weapons in bars and in restaurants serving alcohol could only have come from legislators who lack any common sense. What were they thinking?

Tea Party candidate

If the Tea Party’s goals were totally unrealistic, and smoke and mirrors, as one TalkBack stated, why did Gov. Nikki Haley run on them when the Tea Party was looking for a candidate? Don’t be an idiot; Haley is not a Tea Party candidate anymore, and she’s only going to serve one term, because we will vote her out.

Brain games

The recent comment regarding President Obama examining his brain was hilarious. I bet the writer stayed up all night working on that one.