For anyone who loves a leaner, more elegant style of Chardonnay, this is the one.

Liquid Farm proprietors Nikki and Jeff Nelson are going for Chardonnay with less oak influence and lower alcohol. Bingo.

That’s a recipe for a food-friendly wine, and with the help of winemakers Brandon Sparks-Gillis and John Dragonette of Dragonette Cellars, they’re making this terrific Chardonnay from Santa Rita Hills grapes.

I love its minerality, the sharp, fresh scent of citrus and, well, grape.

It’s a beautiful wine with chicken pot pie, mushroom galettes, chilled shellfish and crustaceans. Just right for summer drinking.

Region: California Central Coast

Price: About $36

Style: Intense, yet subtle

What it goes with: Savory tarts, chilled shellfish, spiny lobster, Dungeness crab

— S. Irene Virbila