Drug plan

Is your state pension plan paying double for drugs? Mine is.


Why is it most people are bashing Mark Sanford? I never heard this much about Bill Clinton as president (two terms) or as a governor, or John F. Kennedy in the White House. They were in charge of the free world, and we could not have known what was going on. Sanford was governor, but he is a conservative, and they have double standards. If he were a liberal, he would be everyone’s hero and maybe our next president.

Corporate America

Did you happen to see all the jets parked at the Aiken airport for the Masters? The economy must not be all that bad, at least for corporate America.

Texting, driving

Are you kidding me by saying that Bill 459 only pertains to young drivers? What is Sen. Sheheen thinking? Have you ever been behind someone that is on the phone or texting? They are all over the road. They are more interested in their social life than driving. This includes people of all ages, not just beginner drivers. If you get a phone call while driving, find a safe place to pull over and answer the call. There isn’t any emergency that can’t wait two minutes. On the other hand, texting or talking on the phone can kill you, or worse yet, kill someone else in a split second.

It is amazing the amount of people who are on their cell phones talking and/or texting while driving. Take a look around while stopped at a traffic light. Operating two machines at the same time cannot be done safely – so put the phone down and drive. What is so important?


The recent article in the paper about Democrats being in a bind over voting in favor of gun control measures that their constituents oppose, only proves that many politicians have no concern for the people or laws. Their only concern is getting re-elected for another term.

Drug take back

I was glad to see that there is a location in Aiken that is participating in the National Drug Take Back Initiative on April 27.

DMV procedures

Thanks to Rep. Bill Taylor of District 86. When I contacted him with a question about DMV procedures, he responded the next day. Rep. Taylor has my vote the next time he runs for election.