An Aiken man was detained for larceny after he allegedly robbed Taylor Automotive in Graniteville on Tuesday, according to the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

Darren Taylor of Taylor Automotive told officers that the suspect, 23-year-old Michael Jerome Lewis Jr., walked into the business at 3 p.m. and asked to use the telephone, according to a report. Lewis then sat down and Taylor went to the business' front parking lot to work on a vehicle.

Lewis continued to “hang around by the cash register” in the front office and, after an hour, Taylor entered the office and observed Lewis to be behind the counter, according to the report.

Taylor told police he then checked the cash register and saw there was money missing.

He questioned Lewis repeatedly, who said he didn't have any money, and patted his pockets, according to the report.

Taylor told officers he heard what “sounded like a gun” in Lewis' pocket. The subject then removed a black hand gun, put it on the ground, and began walking out of the office, according to the report.

When Taylor yelled at him to stop, Lewis began to run away, according to the report. Two Taylor Automotive employees ran after him.

A witness got into his vehicle, drove after the subject, and caught up with him just as Lewis was getting into another vehicle, the report said.

The witness detained Lewis until law enforcement arrived.