Aiken man thrown out of car, injured

An Aiken man was treated by Aiken County Emergency Medical Services and transported to Georgia Regents Medical Center Friday after reportedly being thrown out of a car. The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident, which happened in front of a residence on Sharyn Lane.

The victim was found laying face down on the ground. He had a laceration and bruising near his left eye and blood was seeping from the back of his head, where there were staples. The man said his female roommate “did this.”

A witness reported seeing two males in the vehicle from which she said the man was thrown.

Woman charged with shoplifting at Bi-Lo

Amanda Michelle Fuller, 26, of Beech Island was arrested by the Sheriff’s Office and charged with shoplifting following an incident Friday at Bi-Lo on Jefferson Davis Highway in Clearwater.

The grocery store’s assistant manager observed Fuller allegedly removing ground meat from packages and placing the meat in her purse. The responding Sheriff’s officer reported that there were empty packages used for meat in Fuller’s shopping cart and “a black handbag full of ground meat stuffed inside.”

Police: 46,353 pounds of beer stolen

A Graniteville man reported to the Sheriff’s Office on Sunday that a trailer containing 46,353 pounds of beer was missing from 5174 Bettis Academy Road.

The man said he parked the trailer at the site of the incident on Saturday and that it was gone when he returned on Sunday.

Millis Transfer of Black River Falls, WIS., owns the trailer, which is 53-feet-long.

Police: Woman took her son’s Xbox

An Aiken woman reportedly took her 18-year-old son’s video game system and took it back to Walmart due to his reported “past problems with video game addiction,” according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

The man told officers his mother took his Xbox console and sold it, according to the report.

The man’s mother told officers her son lived in her home, and she told him before “that he was not allowed to have an Xbox due to past problems with video game addiction,” according to the report. She said she didn’t sell the game system, but took it back to Walmart “and put the money back in his account.”

Officers told the woman that her son is a legal adult and that she could not take the property that he purchases and sell or return it, according to the report.

“She was also advised that if he does not follow the rules of her home, her recourse is to have him evicted,” the report stated.

The man agreed not to press charges against his mother.

Dog feces left on Aiken woman’s porch

An Aiken woman reported someone left dog feces on her porch after she received a letter asking her to pick up her own dog’s feces from the apartment grounds, according to Aiken Public Safety.

The woman showed police a letter she received from her neighbors asking her to pick up her dog’s feces from the apartment grounds, according to a report. She also showed them a picture of dog feces that had been left on her front step, which she believed was left by the suspects.

The woman’s neighbors were placed on trespass notice.