Kudos to Playhouse

The Aiken Community Playhouse has presented another awesome comedy in “Fox on the Fairway” – great script, excellent direction and a superb, fantastic and incredible cast. It was an extremely enjoyable evening. We are so very fortunate to have such talent in our community.

Car commercials

If you pay attention to vehicle commercials, you’ll know you can “go further” by owning a Ford, “go places” by owning a Toyota and “find new roads” by owning a Chevrolet. If you own any other brand of vehicle, I guess you just have to stay home.

Politicians be fair

Our elected officials are at it again. Dick Durbin, a Senator from Illinois said on a talk news show Sunday that Congress wants to change the CPI for Social Security recipients. They want to lower “our” monthly Social Security payments that most of us paid in to. They did that once before, when they deleted food and energy from the CPI. I might go along with their silly game if they also applied it to all government retirees no matter if they were government employees or elected officials, from the president on down. If Congress wants to mess around with the consumer price index, let’s be fair, and force everybody to have some skin in the game.

Plant information

I remember, one year, that you put in the Aiken Standard the names of every hole, and where they were either trees, shubbery or lots of blooming bushes. Please put that in there again, so that people who have to stay at home, cannot get out, can know where each one is.

Guns, changing times

About the ongoing gun control debate, a person recently wrote that the Second Amendment was “written by the Founding Fathers more than 200 years ago.” This is precisely the problem. Things have changed in the past 200 years. What was suitable then isn’t necessarily suitable now. He suggests that we need to go after the criminal. The criminal has already done something bad, and we need to go after him. Gun control could have prevented his criminal activity. Do you see the difference?