Officials need to broaden concerns

Well, we have been blessed by the visits of Rep. Joe Wilson and Sen. Lindsey Graham recently. They were very concerned about the MOX facility out of the SRS site. Rightfully so, that they be concerned. But let us go back a few years as to what happened down the road on Highway 421, in the area called the Valley. All of the textile mills were closed and moved out of the country. Where were Wilson and Graham?

But you have to remember neither of them ever held a real job. They have leeched off the taxpayer their whole lives. Have you heard one of them talk about the very high gas and grocery prices? And what they can do about them? Yes, they can do something about what is the cost living.

The Aiken Standard has failed in many ways to bring to light how we the public are getting ripped off by corporations.

Raymant Glinski