Kia suit

Does anyone know what lawyer is handling the class-action suit against Kia?

Hitchcock study

I think it would be fine if the City lets Clemson conduct a green infrastructure study in Hitchcock Woods as long as they don’t touch anything.


I saw a garbage truck on Wire Road backing up to turn into Croft. Amazing.


The new Aiken bowling alley is nice, but the front of it to back out on Whiskey Road is an accident waiting to happen.


President Obama wants to spend $100 million on brain research. I suggest we start with his.


The state of South Carolina has long worked on its reputation. If we allow Mark Sanford back into our government system, we would once again be the laughingstock of the United States. How can any man who did what he did be elected again?


I was just reading in the paper about the illegal immigrants in this country. I came to this country 35 years ago, but I came the right way. It took seven months in England before I got a visa to come to this country, I was marrying an American citizen, and I wasn’t going to be a liability to this country. I had a green card when I got here and I had to check into immigration once a year. Now these people expect they can just come into this country and not go through all I did. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Donut holes

Some of those donut holes are important. One is on the right side of Whiskey Road as you drive downtown, across from the Palmetto Golf Club. It contains an empty Kwik Shop and an unnamed one-story building just south of Westover Drive. Eyesores. They spoil what otherwise is a pretty drive along Whiskey Road from the Southside to downtown.

Down the drain

All this wailing about loss of federal dollars at SRS is misguided. The federal deficit must be reduced significantly or we all go down the drain. SRS has long been the recipient of “make work” or, at least, questionable projects. MOX is a good example – there are huge economic and technical questions about its ever “working” as envisioned. Time to shut up and tighten the belt for the long-term good of us all.