Russia vs. S.C.

I can’t imagine how Sen. Scott was elected. How ridiculous to suggest we should honor our agreement with Russia over the future of South Carolina, your state, and turn South Carolina into this world’s dumping ground for nuclear waste; are you kidding me? The federal government will not honor the $1 million a day penalty fee. They didn’t honor Yucca mountain.

Yucca Mountain

I read in the paper recently that Obama’s budget proposal may signal the end for the MOX project. This just falls in line with a very disturbing trend from this administration. Spend millions or even billions of taxpayers’ dollars on projects, then, when it’s either time or almost time to implement the project, shut it down and propose to go in a different direction. The cycle just continues to repeat itself. Yucca Mountain by far is the most egregious example. The government spent $15 to $16 billion in tax dollars to build the facility and then, when the rubber was ready to meet the road, it was shelved because Sen. Harry Reid decided he didn’t want that in his backyard. It didn’t bother Reid when his constituents were earning tons of money and the Nevada economy was getting millions of dollars pumped into it during construction. Now, we are going to spend billions of dollars once again to find and build a suitable disposal site when we already have a bought and paid for site in Nevada.

Gun Control

The new gun control laws being sold by President Obama and all the Democrats are all a political method of destroying the Second Amendment. This amendment was written by the Founding Fathers more than 200 years ago. This amendment provides peace and security for all American families to protect themselves from criminals. The government has no right to know what weapons a person has. People depend on them to protect their families. Go after the criminals, not law abiding citizens.


Bankers that steal from their trust funds go to jail. Why not a president?

Out of business

The state should get out of the school transportation business and turn it over to private enterprise. With pension and state benefits going to unstable levels, let private enterprise show how it can reduce the state’s unemployment levels and allow people to make some money, instead of politicians.