Does anyone know why cars don’t come with split rearview mirrors as standard equipment? They eliminate those blind areas just off the rear fenders and are pretty much standard on big trucks and busses. If they’re good on the big vehicles, why not on cars, too?

Party goals

It’s not Gov. Nikki Haley’s fault that the Tea Party’s goals have not been implemented. Those goals were a totally unrealistic collection of smoke and mirrors foisted on the poor masses. It’s too bad so many people got sucked in.

More manageable

People are complaining about ObamaCare and Medicare and blame it all on the doctors and our president. Just think about it. More than 60 percent of this nation is overweight and more than half of those are obese. This does not pertain exclusively to older people, but also to children and young people. The result of this is that at a very young age, they develop diabetes, heart, lung, knee and hip problems. Whose fault is that? Then they expect the doctor to fix it for free. I think that if people took more responsibility for their own eating habits, the medical expenses would become manageable.


Are you kidding me? Savannah River Nuclear Solutions earned $41 million in performance-based incentives when they can’t even afford to keep their employees working a full 40-hour week?


Why do those on welfare think they have to cave every year and live on public assistance? They keep caving every year.

Social Security

Social security is a trust, not a piggy bank for the president.

Hire local

If the MOX site is going to go, hire local and keep it local.

Spring beauty

Is there anything more beautiful than Aiken in the springtime? Azaleas and dogwoods abound. My favorites are at the following locations: 208 South Boundary, all of the dogwoods along York Street between Richland and Hampton avenues, and on Hampton Avenue between Williamsburg and Marlboro streets. Where are your favorites?