Nevermind Sanford’s personal life – God will deal with him. But his political life, he didn’t anything for South Carolina. He abandoned it to go through the woods in Argentina while he’s married. He abandoned the state.


In reference to the question about doctors accepting Medicare. Obama promised during the campaign not to cut Medicare. Technically he was correct. However, he cut the reimbursement to doctors, and his new budget to be will cut even more. Doctors can’t afford to treat for nothing. They have had years of education to prepare. They also have high malpractice insurance premiums. Medicaid will not be cut in the budget to be released next week. How’s that?

Paid off

Has Obama made an investment that has paid off other than existing companies, helping them?


In response to the videogame TalkBack in the Sunday paper. It seems that people have the wrong opinion. If we video game lovers and gun lovers were as violent as people say, there wouldn’t be anyone left to protest them. Secondly, if violence is caused by this, I would like to see what video game people have been playing for the last 5,000 years.


I keep hearing that people are scared to go to restaurants because there might be somebody with a concealed weapon. To have a concealed weapon, people have to have a background check and be a law-abiding citizen. I’d rather be in a building filled with law-abiding citizens with guns, than have them banned and be in there with some nut who’s going to pull one with no one there to defend me. And if you’re so scared of going in a restaurant, I suggest you call ahead and get a takeout order.

In decline

The U.S.A., a country in decline. Pieces of our liberties and freedom are being disposed of everyday. The weak economy, high unemployment, increasing debt and deficit should be Obama’s No. 1 objectives. However, same-sex marriage, gun laws and amnesty are more important. Now, we will all suffer dearly for the decision to re-inaugurate the worst president in American history. I know our kids and grandkids will really enjoy what we’ve done.