In response to the person inquiring about Medicare, the answer to that is: most doctors, not all, are like politicians. They’re only in it to make as much money as they can. They don’t care about serving the people or helping the people that need it most.

To all those who are complaining that doctors are now refusing to take Medicare patients, you were warned and still voted for Obama and Obamacare. You have what you voted for and cannot change it for four years.

Nuclear industry

Some special nuclear employees that work for Savannah Rover Nuclear Solutions at the Savannah River Site have unique and desperate abilities. The nuclear power industry needs those painfully earned and maintained skills.

Barking dog

To the person in Gem Lakes who allows their dog to bark, non-stop, for hours after 11 p.m.; yes, the whole neighborhood can hear it.

The governor

Gov. Nikki Haley ran for office as a Tea Party darling. She also campaigned for other Tea Party candidates. So, have any of your taxes been reduced in our state of South Carolina? I am still paying too much income tax, property tax, sales tax, fuel tax and all the rest of the taxes. What a liar she is. Has she done anything for this state since being elected?


For we who don’t like the way Obama is running the country, we don’t need to get on a ship back to Europe; he’s bringing Europe to the United States.

Stop signs

If you can’t see the stop sign, then you must be driving too fast or not paying attention to the road. Why should we have a larger tax bill or take more money out of the funds because people can’t see the stop signs? Maybe it’s time for glasses. If you can’t see the stop sign, maybe you shouldn’t be on the road.

I would like to head up a study to see which type of car runs stop signs the most here in town. Big, black SUVs are at the top of my little study, but I wish the state would give me a couple hundred thousand to really study it.

Gas line

This is for the old woman who was at Kroger’s gas station, who tried to get a receipt at the gas station for her vehicle that she uses for her business. Holding up all those people and disrespecting them was ridiculous. You kept up 20 people from being able to get their gas and get out of there.