Questions how liberals think

I have read the periodic editorial submissions of many liberal contributors and columnists, and wondered how they reached such interesting conclusions.

It would provide valuable insight into their thinking if they would answer, without platitudes and/or rhetoric, the following questions.

1. Do you believe, while it is a legislative requirement for virtually every state, and a practicality for every American household, to balance their budgets, the federal government should not do so as well?

2. Do you believe it is fair to burden future generations with servicing a rapidly growing national debt, the size of which will limit their future economic well-being and inhibit the government’s ability to fund its constitutional requirements?

3. Do you believe a right is something that is guaranteed to each citizen equally, or is something that requires distribution and control by the government to certain citizens at the expense of others?

4. Do you believe it is fair to require the citizens of this nation to pay for, with borrowed money, the benefits of citizenship for those who have willfully not initiated the process of attaining it?

5. Do you believe it is fair for half the citizens to support the nation financially through the payment of income taxes while the other half pays nothing?

6. Do you believe it is fair to restrict law-abiding citizens from exercising their rights under the Second Amendment while knowing with certainty that such restrictions will have no effect upon the lawless?

7. Do you believe “ … to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic …” is a binding oath upon all those who take it?

The answers, and the logic behind them, would be enlightening.

A. F. Endler