Fairness within schools

I just want to say that Aiken County Public Schools have a real problem with fairness. They say that they treat everybody the same, but that’s not the situation. And if they’re questioned on anything, they always say that it’s left up to the administration of the school which is always biased.


If you’re wondering about Medicare, most doctors go to school for 12 years after high school. They borrow the money and spend years paying it back. Medicare keeps lowering the percentage they get from the patients’ care. Pretty soon they’re going to be getting 10 cents on the dollar. Is that fair, legal or political? Talk to your congressman or president.

Illegal immigrants

The United States spends untold millions of dollars to maintain defense between the U.S. and Mexico. The illegal immigrants go over the border, under it and around it. Then the United States government spends millions to protect and keep them here. Please explain.


Why would anyone vote for Sanford? If his wife could not trust him, why should we? Don’t give him a second chance­ – you’ll regret it.

Country music changes

What is country about country music now? I was watching the Country Music Awards and have never seen so many tattoos, chains, earrings on men and (poor) looking outfits in my life. Johnny Cash and Conway Twitty must be rolling over in their graves.


I am so glad to see that someone besides me has taken interest about speeder’s on Hwy. 1 from Aiken to Augusta. What a lot of drivers don’t know is that Hwy. 1 is not only just businesses, but more than 90 percent of this section of Hwy. 1 is churches, schools and residential. Officers are put out there to enforce the law, and the next thing you see in the newspaper is “speed trap.” So be it, let it be a speed trap if it will save a life. Just this morning (Sunday) two people were sent to the hospital due to a wreck at Langley Crossing, and, in less than a month, a young lady lost her life in front of Aiken Tech. Slow down; do the posted speed limit. Ten minutes is 10 minutes. It may save a life – yours.

Thanks: For being honest

On April 3. I went to Walmart on Whiskey Road. I accidentally left my purse in the shopping basket. I was frantic when I realized it was gone later. I went to Customer Service at Walmart. I was told a woman turned it in. Thank you to this honest and wonderful person.