Representative duties

It doesn't matter to me that the president, any secretarial office or any congressman returns money to the treasury to give money to the charities – which is good. I want them to fix the issues, get people back to work and get these government contractors back to 40-hour work weeks and off of furloughs.

Old-fashioned values

We wonder what is wrong with society? Headlines in today's news: “Actress is going to marry the father of her baby.” Well, what is this world coming to? This could start a trend, couples may even marry before they have children. I guess making the world a better place for our children is really old-fashioned and not given a thought by the majority of women of childbearing age. Where have our values gone?

Equal insurance

Obama says he is returning 5 percent of his presidential income. I would rather he keep it. Instead, it would be fitting if he gave up the private medical insurance he enjoys at the taxpayers expense and sign up for “Obamacare.”

Too much ammunition

Apparently most of the mass shootings are committed by mentally disturbed people. If they can figure out that a larger ammunition magazine means they can kill more people, why haven't our politicians been able to?

Menu items

That poor person looking for a soup and a salad at lunch could go to any restaurant in town and ask them to fix it for them. I've never gone to any restaurant where it wasn't available.

Health care realities

To the person complaining about Medicare, this is your Obamacare at work. You can see it happening every day. Doctors are even going out of business.

Sanfords' past

South Carolina voters, remember Sanford left South Carolina without any authority for five days to go see his soulmate. Remember that when you go to the voting booth.