The Greater Aiken Chamber of Commerce’s large business of the year only earned half of its performance-based fee award for fiscal year 2012, according to information from the National Nuclear Safety Administration.

Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility contractor Shaw AREVA MOX Services earned about $4.4 million in award fees in fiscal year 2012 out of $8.7 million available, according to documents released recently.

The poor grade earned the MOX project just 50.4 percent of a possible $8,715,465, according to the company’s notification letter from National Nuclear Safety Admistration, which gave them “an overall rating of satisfactory.”

The MOX project only achieved this rating in one area after a requested reevaluation of “Engineering and Construction Effectiveness.”

“As a result, the Fee Determination Official has changed the rating in this area from ‘Unsatisfactory’ to ‘Satisfactory’ with a revised score of 1% which equates to an increase in the award fee amount $13,073.”

The MOX Project’s scores were radically differently across all areas. It received 100 percent in “Health and Safety, Environmental,” 80 percent in “Community Outreach” and “MOX Fuel Codes.” But languished at 10 percent in Project Management and Business Systems” and 1 percent in “Engineering and Construction.”

The one-of-a-kind project, being built to turn 34 metric tons of weapon plutonium into fuel for commercial reactors, saw its cost dramatically expand in the fiscal year 2012 period.

Other contractors at the Department of Energy-owned site faired much better in fiscal year 2012. Management and operations contractor Savannah River Nuclear Solutions earned almost 85 percent or $41,492,503 of its performance-based incentive award, of a possible $48,950,000.

Security contractor WSI-Savannah River and liquid waste contractor Savannah River Remediation both received 97 percent of their possible awards.