Some people look for love in all the wrong places – including a Kentucky woman who was reportedly scammed out of $750 by a military dating website that apparently has ties to Aiken, according to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators spoke by phone with the Louisville woman, who told officers she had decided “she wanted to date a military man,” according to a sheriff’s report.

The victim said she found a website that claimed it could schedule a “leave” meeting with soldiers from Afghanistan, according to the report. She sent the website two checks to an Aiken County address, one for $300 and one of $350, in hopes that she should be set up with a “leave date” with an unknown military male.

The victim said that as time went by, her checks were cashed and she still had not received her date, according to the report. She contacted the U.S. Army at Fort Knox and was told the military did not charges fees for leave.

The victim contacted local law enforcement, who told her that since she sent the checks to Aiken County, the Sheriff’s Office must be contacted.

Capt. Troy Elwell said on Thursday that the Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the case.