Aiken County appears to be rolling to the top of the heap in the state, and perhaps even the world, when it comes to tire production thanks to Bridgestone’s historic $1.2 billion investment at its plant in Graniteville.

While the benefits reaped by being one of the globe’s leading tire producers are obviously significant, the impact reaches far beyond the confines of any singular manufacturing facility.

When a major corporation such as Bridgestone commits to a community, job seekers certainly rejoice. A total of 850 people are actually expected to have found new jobs once Bridgestone launches its third round of expansion by 2015.

But it is the residual impact of that growth that can sometimes be forgotten.

Development such as the one spurred by Bridgestone helps to bring new residents, which aids local shops and restaurants.

As businesses like Bridgestone expand, more money flows through the community.

When done correctly, the impact can be produce across-the-board benefits.

Although it’s become a dirty word in today’s political climate, major manufacturers also generate significant tax revenue for communities.

That revenue helps to build better roads, make government offices more efficient, and provide better community resources, particularly when it comes to education and recreation.

High tax rates don’t attract business. A business friendly environment does. Aiken County leaders have found the right balance in that regard.

When a major business signs on the dotted line and agrees to come to an area, those benefits roll in throughout a community.

It is because of this impact that we can easily and enthusiastically applaud local leader’s efforts to attract business as well as Bridgestone’s long term commitment to Aiken County.