Sanford endorsement

Ex-governor Sanford has my vote. He did a good job. His personal life is different from his political life.

Bettis traffic

Bettis Academy does not need another school or factory or anything out here. The traffic is getting so bad that you need to put some red lights out here. It can be bumper to bumper out here in the morning, and it’s hard to get to work on time in Aiken anymore. Reconsider where you’re putting the school. It needs to go someplace else.

Stop signs needed

The way people drive, we need those oversized stop signs. Most people don’t know what their turn signals are or their brake lights. They’ll drive without lights at dawn and in the evening. The law says leave your lights on.

Bicyclist hat mirrors

You had a three-column piece in a recent paper about bicycle safety. Nowhere did it mention you should have rearview mirrors. The other day, I finally saw one bicycler who had a rearview mirror on his hat. It’s a very simple thing to have and a very inexpensive thing to put on your handlebars.

Easter gift

Someone special placed a cross with “He Is Risen” written on it at our entrance on Easter Day at Pleasant Point. May God bless you.