Kenya’s potholes

Potholes in Kenya usually take up the whole road, necessitating driving on the other side of the road on the shoulder. One day, a couple of young men were standing in the middle of the road beside a huge pothole filled with dirt and stones. They were looking for a few shillings from drivers to thank them for filling up the pothole.

Obama family vacations

It must be very nice to be the Obama’s daughters these days. They had an over-the-top 17-day luxurious vacation in December, went to Vail to ski a few weeks later, the eldest went to New York City to have dinner with friends, and now they are at a luxurious hotel in the Bahamas. All, of course, with heavy Secret Service detail (paid for by taxpayers). Yet the White House tours were closed because it took too much Secret Service hours (even though the guides are volunteers). Where are the so-called “sacrifices” the president keeps talking about?

Health care costs

Obamacare, affordable health care? Our monthly health insurance premiums have gone up, and I just discovered that a generic drug I use that usually costs me $3.69 a month will now cost me $101.09 each month. How is this affordable?

Traffic sign eyesores

What’s with all these giant stop signs all over Aiken with those hideous, long, red reflection legs? I go away for a while, and, when I come back, my beautiful, sedate, understated, quaint city is overrun with monstrous, overkill traffic signs. Please reduce their size. Use common sense.

Aiken lane-changing

The “staying in one lane” advice was risky. When turning left on a two-lane road, one must also turn into the right lane, not the left. Maybe the person was referring to a four-lane road, which would make sense.