A Warrenville man reported Friday that a number of vehicle parts were stolen from his business on Augusta Road.

An Aiken woman reported Friday that a man allegedly was stealing her neighbor's motorcycle on Croft Mill Road. The man fled, leaving the motorcycle behind. The Aiken Bloodhound Tracking Team was dispatched but did not find the suspect. The motorcycle's owner alleged that the vehicle had been vandalized because his key wouldn't turn in the ignition.

A North Augusta woman reported Friday that someone threw a rock and broke a window in her residence on Southern Pines Drive.

A burglary was reported at a home on Melody Lane in North Augusta Friday. Copper wiring and a kitchen stove were missing.

A woman who lives on Camp Rawls Road reported Friday she had given a man a check for $5,000 in advance for commission on the sale of a horse. She said she later found out that no one was going to buy the horse, and she hasn't been able to contact the man.

A Langley woman reported Friday that a cell phone was taken from her car at her residence on Jackson Street. The front passenger window of the vehicle had been left partially rolled down.

A Bath woman reported Saturday that a Canon camera was missing from her unlocked car on Flint Drive.

A burglary was reported Saturday at a home on Carolina Springs Road in North Augusta. Two front windows were broken, and two bottles of gin were missing.

An Aiken man reported a burglary Saturday at his home on Osbon Drive. Windows were broken in the rear of the house, and five silver coins valued at $500 were missing.

A Windsor woman reported Saturday that her medication was missing from her vehicle on Hard Luck Lane. The driver's side door was unlocked.

An Aiken woman reported Friday that her Kindle was missing from a table where she had left it while washing her clothes at a laundromat on Hitchcock Parkway. The Kindle was in a black case that had $40 in it.

A Gloverville woman reported Saturday that a 19-inch television was missing from her home on Hillvale Street.

A Langley female reported Saturday that someone allegedly had vandalized her vehicle on Augusta Road, leaving a scratch along the front driver side and rear driver side doors.