Splendid weather, lots of goals and some great distractions made for a record day at the Pacers and Polo match, the third and final jewel of the Aiken Triple Crown.

A record attendance came to watch an entertaining match featuring skilled players, beautiful and pun-packed commentary from Bob Besley.

As with all Triple Crown events, there was an array of food and finery on display, and a lively atmosphere throughout, despite the rather one-sided game.

In the end, the 10th annual Pacers and Polo match was easily won by the Designer Builders team 9-3 at the Aiken Polo Club's Powderhouse Polo Field.

“I don't know if it is the temperatures on this fine day, but I've just heard we have a record attendance here at Powderhouse Field,” Besley said.

The game was not the only attraction at the Powderhouse Polo Field. For children, there was a play area set up and an inflatable obstacle course, ending in a long, bouncing slide.

Besley kept the game interesting with colorful play-by-plays that included numerous allusions to hamburger-based sponsor of the Burger King team.

“Kegan Walsh breaks through, but he's not gonna have it his way as Adam Snow comes in,” Besley punned. “Look at him scream down that sideline, I don't know what he's been drinking, maybe a Mocha Frappe (a Burger King coffee drink).”

But these were not the only wise words of the day.

During the ever-popular divot stomping at halftime, one fan was heard to loudly say “Remember, if it's steaming, don't stomp it.”