Take some lessons

The city of North Augusta needs to take lessons from Aiken County. People don’t want all that stuff they want to put down along the river. Let the baseball stadium stay in Augusta. People want things like Sam’s being built here in Aiken, and all the businesses coming into Aiken County providing long-term jobs. Look at what happened to the Augusta Riverfront. The same thing could happen in North Augusta. They need to take a lesson from Aiken County and bring in companies and businesses that could benefit all citizens, not just a handful of the rich.

Good idea

I have a good idea. Everyone is complaining about the bridge. Why doesn’t somebody in Aiken get a committee together to raise some money and have the bridge on Laurens covered like they do up north, in Vermont? It’d be a beautiful thing, it’d probably even be a landmark. You don’t see covered bridges down here. So let’s get something together and let’s cover the Laurens Street bridge.

Private property

Although it has been in the paper many times, people still don’t get it. Woodside is a private property. Streets are privately built and maintained by the residents. Would you like a road cut through your backyard just because it’s more convenient for someone else? I would like to be able to cut through Hitchcock Woods, but completely understand and agree that it, too, is private and cannot be touched.

Hope it’s not too late

Just finished reading “Conscience of A Conservative” for the first time in 50 years. Too bad we didn’t listen to ol’ Barry back then. We went with Lyndon’s Great Society instead, and now we’re facing the imminent socialism of which Goldwater warned us. Hope it’s not too late to do what needs to be done to turn ourselves around.


Is there anyone in our area who does lapidary (gem cutting) work? Thank you!

Traffic solutions

There is much concern about what the traffic is going to be like in and around Deodar Plantation once the new Compass School opens. People are already cutting through Deodar to get to Toolbeck Road and speeding through the community. Just this week a precious little beagle pup in Deodar suffered at the hands of a hit-and-run driver, and I’m sure he did not survive. Next it may be a child. Please get to work on plans for traffic solutions out here before it’s too late and someone is killed.