If you pass Bone-i-fide Bakery on Laurens, you may see cats playing in the window. They are available for adoption from the Aiken County Shelter, and you don’t have to go to the shelter to adopt. You can do it inside the store.

If you are not seeking a feline companion but would like some “cat time” while you decide which yummy treats to take home to your dogs, you are encouraged to cuddle those cats in the window and help them become happier, finer pets, and even more likely to find a permanent home.

When Carly Jordan took over the Bone-i-fide Bakery in 2010, one of her first goals was to establish relationships with area rescue groups and local shelters.

“I was especially drawn to the County Shelter,” she said. “Because I had customers who were involved there and with FOTAS, and they were all so friendly, helpful and welcoming. I also knew the need was great.”

Chief Enforcement Officer Bobby Arthurs and senior vet tech Sandy Larsen are happy to transport two or three adoptable cats to Jordan’s window at Bone-i-fide Bakery. At least 12 cats have found good homes since Jordan’s business became an approved “foster home” and adoption partner with the County Shelter.

With the good food and good loving these cats get from Jordan and her patrons, you can see the change in them almost immediately: they are the happiest, healthiest and homeless cats you will find anywhere nearby.

Early in FOTAS’ efforts to raise awareness of the plight of animals in the grossly inadequate County Shelter, Bone-i-fide Bakery agreed to have an adoptable shelter dogs sign in her business. Bone-i-fide Bakery has also hosted numerous “adoption days” at the store for local rescues.

Jordan and her husband have four rescue dogs of their own and two rescued cats.

Bone-i-fide Bakery is a gourmet dog bakery and specialty supply store that caters to pets with special dietary needs. Dogs with food allergies and skin issues can have highly restricted diets. Jordan can do the research and find the exact recipe suited to the pet’s requirements.

It is FOTAS’ mission to help the Aiken County Shelter become a happy healthy place that never has to euthanize an adoptable animal. In every way possible, Jordan’s Bone-i-fide Bakery is a true partner in that effort.

FOTAS volunteers work with the Aiken County Animal Shelter, 411 Wire Road. For more information, e-mail info@fotasaiken.org or visit www.fotasaiken.org.