Deserve better

When is someone going to stand up and oppose Sen. Lindsey Graham? We deserve so much better than him. He and John McCain are sad, old men.


It took a lot of courage for the man who robbed banks to share his story about his past crimes. He really only needs God’s forgiveness, and I think he already has that.

Stay in one lane

When turning onto a two-lane road the person turning right should stay in the right lane. The person turning left should stay in the left lane.

Another tax

Maybe, when you’re working part-time and realize that everything is more costly, you’ll realize that ObamaCare is nothing but another stupid tax.

No say

People are not paying taxes because they have to. They have no say about how the taxes are spent. We need to pray together and rejoice when the time comes.

Food stamps, working

Not everyone on food stamps is doing it because they don’t want to work. There are good people who work two jobs and still can’t afford food because S.C. doesn’t pay their workers enough. It is a state where you can be fired without cause. Don’t complain.

My husband worked for 40 years and made good money. He paid big high taxes. Now, he has passed away, and I’m getting food stamps. I’m getting back what I paid in.

City on own block

One way to stop these thoroughfares from traveling through your neighborhood would be to have the City planners move into the homes that will be affected.

Obama concerns

I’m not against Obama because of his race. He is ruining the health care system, and taxes have gone up for everyone. His cabinet nominations are terrible. Hagel is incompetent.

Proposed bill

Permitted concealed weapons are allowed in establishments that serve only food. The proposed bill (S.C. Senate bill 308) expands access to having lunch and dinner in restaurants that happen to have bars co-located in their establishments, as part of their businesses. It’s about having a meal without an alcoholic beverage.

Thanks for reviving power

Thank you to Aiken Electric Co-op for getting our electricity back up so quickly after Monday night’s storm.