A hit and run accident, which escalated when someone presented a firearm, was reported over the weekend.

The incident occurred at the intersection of York Street and Hampton Avenue on Friday evening when a teal Ford Escort pulled out in front of the victim’s truck. The Ford Escort pulled into a gas station and drove to the back of the building to meet a group of people.

The victim followed the subjects’ vehicle when someone from the group stepped in front of his truck and motioned for the subject to leave. The victim blew his horn and tried to go around the person standing in front of his truck when the subject, who had exited the vehicle, lifted his shirt to bring attention to the firearm that was tucked in his waistband. The subject then fled on foot.

The subject with the gun was described as a black male wearing a black hoodie and black pants. The driver was described as a black female in her late 20s or early 30s wearing a red shirt and brown jacket, the report read.