Disagrees with nuclear waste column

I think it is very unfortunate and completely irresponsible, that you published Clint Wolfe’s column in Friday’s edition of the Aiken Standard. Radioactive pollution is such a serious matter, the column though sounds more like an April Fools Day remark, asking for responses.

Wolfe states, that nobody has been killed by radioactive pollution - has he or does he dare to tell that to the widows or widowers of people killed by just that? Or their children?

Fukushima did not kill anybody? Chernobyl did not kill anybody? How about all our beloved people in this country who are suffering from exposure to radioactive materials, who are being compensated for just that, but will never get their healthy lives back?

Wolfe, your column is absolutely out of touch with the truth and reality, and “Don’t Waste Aiken” has nothing to do with horses. You got that wrong, too.

Ulla Ringle