More attention needed for autism epidemic

The Centers for Disease Control has just come out with the 2012-13 autism numbers.

It report that 1 in 50 children has autism and 1 in every 31 boys. As if the numbers aren’t staggering enough, are we to believe this country needs more awareness?

Some want to promote awareness this April, with countless blue lights.

Why blue lights? How about red lights for action? Amber to alert the government that autism is an emergency, an epidemic for two decades now?

Maybe black to portray the difficult lives that autism families lead or black for the dismal response to the epidemic from health officials, doctors and he media?

The official mantra of “it’s just better diagnosing,” doesn’t work and never did. Imagine if there were 1 out of every 31 boys suddenly gone blind in this country and the government telling us it’s better diagnosing because they just didn’t see them before.

I’m not just scared, I’m angry, really angry.

Maurine Meleck

North Augusta