The next time a cashier asks for your ID, don’t think they’re being belligerent or mean. It’s their job. If they don’t card you, they can be fined or arrested.


I’m glad we have a sequester that will prevent the House from spending money we don’t have.

Kitchings library

Why can’t they leave the Kitchings Mill Library where it is and set it up there? Aiken has a little too much. There is no need to spend the money to move a building like that.

Salary cut

Why doesn’t the government cut some of these politicians’ salaries instead of furloughing those who actually work?

Crosland Park

I’ve owned a home in Crosland Park since 1991 and nothing has been done on Sommers Street in the time I’ve lived here.

Foreign aid

Could someone tell me why the U.S. continues to give aid to foreign countries?


I was told when you turn 65 you have to go on Medicare and Social Security. How can people older than that keep their insurance without penalty?


The bypass doesn’t need to be widened. It can only support maybe a third lane on the hill from route 1 near the old Blockbuster. Dougherty and Silver Bluff roads need to be dealt with first. The demand isn’t there and isn’t at capacity.

Middle East

The government is cutting $40 million from our military but is giving $60 million to the Middle East. How does this make sense?

Make ‘em pay

Obama is doing what he told everyone he would do during his campaign. He would make the most wealthy pay their fair share and I don’t think it’s fair they get a higher interest rate because they have more money in the bank. They shouldn’t be allowed to sit on money and not pay their fair share.