Compass Academy’s Jonathan and Tracy Brooks’ troubles with the S.C. Attorney General are hitting much closer, after their home had a lien placed against it.

On March 18, Assistant Attorney General Andrew Macleod filed the second lis pendens in the Aiken County Courthouse related to the Richland County securities case currently being investigated against Jonathan Brooks’.

The lien is on the Brooks’ $659,000 home located in the Woodside subdivision of the City of Aiken. The home is being targeted as the Securities Division of the Attorney General’s office believe Brooks illegally sold unregistered securities in the form of investments in Compass Academy – a proposed independent, accredited school being built east of Aiken. The complaint against Brooks also alleges that he misappropriated funds for personal use.

Brooks, through his attorney, has denied all claims.

The lis pendens document states that the Attorney General is seeking to secure assets of Jonathan Brooks “including but not limited to divestment of ill-gotten gains, such as real property, obtained or financed with funds obtained in connection with (Brooks’) unlawful offer and sale of securities in South Carolina.”

Compass Academy and the ground on which it is being built had a lien placed against it by the Securities Division on March 5.

Jonathan Brooks did not respond to emails requesting comment. Brooks’ attorney, Stan Jackson, has advised his client not to make any comment on the case until it is resolved.

Compass Academy and Jonathan Brooks are also facing other legal action. Recently, Sandra Fadeley of Aiken filed a civil suit claiming that Jonathan Brooks forged her signature when he sold all of her stocks and invested the money in Brooks’ own Compass Academy project.

Fadeley claims she became a client of Brooks and his companies on Jan. 24. Brooks then allegedly took control of her funds and soon after, “without Plaintiff’s knowledge of consent, sold all stocks owned by” Fadeley, according to court documents.