Versatility seems to be something that an 8-year-old off the track Thorouhgbred gelding has in copious amounts. He’s been given the name of Remarkable after being adopted by Charlotte Nagle from Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue in Pawling, N.Y.

The gelding transitioned from the racetrack to a combined training and schooling show on Wednesday at Joannah Hall Glass’ Sporting Days Farm.

“This was his first competition that I know of,” said Nagle, who is originally from England. “He was excellent, good in the dressage and jumped around. He’s very scopey and was great with his lead changes.”

The lightly raced gelding has made a natural transition to being an event horse, and went beginner novice on Wedensday. Nagle has a great appreciation for the breed, and admires Thoroughbreds for a number of reasons citing various attributes.

“They’re very bold, they’ve already experienced a lot,” said Nagle. “They’ve gone a lot of different places. They’ve had a job. They wind up being a tiny bit braver”

However, Thoroughbreds can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to entering the dressage ring, with some horses responding better to the flat work than others, said Nagle.

“In the dressage they don’t seem to be as gifted as Warmbloods,” said Nagle. “They’re quite smart horses, so they normally figure it out, and do a good job, but they’re not quite as level headed enough for dressage for everybody. They’re a little trickier.”

Nagle is a partner in N&C Equestrian in Wilton, Conn., and Remarkable will accompany the rider back to New England. Remarkable will be doing the King Oak Horse Trials this spring in Southampton, Mass., and plans call for him to demonstrate his talents and athleticism in yet another discipline.

“He’s actually going to be a school horse in my lesson program,” said Nagle. “He’s getting a little bit of cross country training, so my students will be able to take him cross country when I get back. He’ll be going to the hunter shows mostly.”