Our voices must be heard

We need to have our voices heard. Contact your representative and senator.

While the initial focus is on DOE and DOD, everyone will feel the effects. We need to ask Congress to vote in favor of re-appropriating funds. Money is there for jobs to be saved if money can be re-appropriated.

If jobs are lost or hours cut, everyone in the community will suffer. If people lose job and/or reduce wages they will have to cut their spending to make up for loss of income.

They will do this by not going out to eat, going to movies and limit shopping. Local businesses will be affected by this.

This is not just an SRS issue, this also affects military and other DOE facilities and military subcontractors. If everyone is forced to take cuts it will be less money in the communities, less money going into Social Security, etc.

If you want the economy to flourish you need to make these contacts and be heard.

Susan Nicosia