An opening reception was held Thursday evening at the Aiken County Historical Museum showcasing the talents of a number of Aiken equestrians.

The awards and ribbons of Cynthia Cubbage, Laura Gordon, Tracy Ratliff-Lord, Collier McLeod and Camille Reed, and the artwork of Laura Regan were prominently showcased in one of the museum’s wings.

Cubbage, a trainer of nationally-recognized Arabian horses, wasn’t in attendance as the horseman was at a horse show in Kentucky, but her husband, Kent, and daughter, Lucy, did attend the event. The horseman is extremely hardworking and dedicated to her profession, said Kent Cubbage.

“She gets up before me and comes home after me, but yet she never seems to have a bad day at work, which is really amazing,” said Kent Cubbage. “It’s very gratifying to watch my wife work, and to see things others just simply can’t see.”

Cynthia Cubbage has a tremendous synergy with her clients and students, said Kent Cubbage.

“They work well together, and they all want excellence,” said Kent Cubbage.

Hunter/jumper rider Regan felt blessed to have her artwork on display at the museum. Friends and family came in from out of town for the reception.

“I’m so thankful to Elliot (Levy, Aiken County Historical Museum executive director) for giving me the opportunity to have my work at the museum,” said Regan. “I’m honored, and it’s really amazing to receive this much support and encouragement.”

The opening reception saw the coming together of horsemen from several disciplines, something that is endemic to Aiken, Levy said.

“It’s wonderful to see this happen because these are people who are accomplished, and they have an opportunity to have those accomplishments on display where their friends can come to the museum, see what they’ve done and feel good about themselves.”