It’s almost as if Pilobolus dancers have no bones — twisting into and balancing on top of each other for minutes on end.

Now, local audiences will be able to see what millions others have witnessed for decades on Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Imperial Theatre in Augusta.

Seven dancers — Shawn Ahern, Benjamin Coalter, Matt Del Rosario, Eriko Jimbo, Jordan Kriston, Jun Kuribayashi and Nile Russell, dance captain — will present at least five, multimedia performances. The Augusta Ballet is presenting the performance,

Tickets start at $15 and go to $75, with discounts available for students, seniors and military with valid IDs.

Robby Barnett and Michael Tracy are the artistic directors with Renée Jaworski and Matt Kent as their associate artistic directors.

Itamar Kubovy is the show’s the executive director with Lily Burns as his co-executive director.

“The Pils ... can be depended upon for stunning physical feats and visual surprises, a peek or two into the crannies of the heart and lots of humor, both awful and sublime,” The New York Times reviewed, according to a Pilobolus’ press release.

Pilobolus started in 1971 and now has stretched to have its feet in multiple operations.

Pilobolus Dance Theatre is the company’s core. Its won countless awards such as a Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding achievement in cultural programming, appeared on shows like the “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and performed in 64 countries, according to a release. Pilobolus Institute is the educationally centered part of the company with an annual summer workshops for adults and kids and a monthlong choreographic program for middle schoolers. Focusing more on the company’s marketing, Pilobolus Creative Services has made TV spots for companies like Ford and Proctor and live events for organizations like Google and DuPont and has came out with two books and comes out with an annual calendar.

Pilobolus has sought even more to expand out, which is where the International Collaborators Project comes in. Through this project, the company has worked with several types of performers and professionals, like the band OK Go; with OK Go, Pilobolus produced the Grammy-nominated “All is Not Lost” video.

“They are the pioneers of modern dance,” Courtney Murrah, Augusta Ballet assistant director, said. “I’m very excited to see them. I can’t wait to see ‘All is Not Lost.’ It was nominated for a Grammy …, commissioned for Google. It’s all of my favorites things wrapped into one.”

Tickets can be bought by calling the Ballet at 706-261-0555 or the Imperial Theatre at 706-722-8341, online at or by stopping by the Imperial Theatre at 749 Broad St., Augusta.

Alistair Macaulay from the The New York Times declared, “It’s as if (with Pilobolus) we’ve been given a fleeting glimpse into the inner workings of the universe.”

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