Well wishes to the new pope

“Habemus Papam.” With great joy, my prayers and lighted candles are given for our new pope, His Holiness Pope Francis. May he be blessed with The Holy Spirit in the love of Christ, the grace of God, as he answers his call to lead the Roman Catholic Church in bringing all

Catholics into the light, way, compassion and open love of Christ.

This Easter, the church is blessed with refreshed hope of renewal and cleansing, to bring the focus of Catholics away from self-given pedestals of the sins and arrogance of politics, self-importance, betrayals, scandals and cover ups that have caused many Catholics, priest and parishioners, to divide, scorn and cause harm to the already born of children and adults and especially to the way, life and death of Christ. May the focus be put back on the love and sacrifice of Christ that so many of us have taken for granted and disrespected often. This is not a judgment of my fellow Catholic’s soul, for I have been guilty of it as well, as with them, at one degree or another, at one time or another, but an observation of our actions and reactions.

May he open the windows of the Vatican for the fresh air of the Holy Spirit to enter and refresh the faith of all Catholics, as he defends the unborn, May he also heal the already born of the physical and emotional scourge afflicted by others and open the doors to the women of the church who have the compassion, love, non-judgmental, who do not walk with blindfolded eyes, closed minds and hard hearts to be in higher positions, fulfilling God’s call, just as the Blessed Virgin Mary answered her call, to bring Christ to everyone.

Chandler S. Vincent