Notes contribution of arts group

With reference to Dr. Tom Mack’s article in Friday’s edition of the Aiken Standard, Juilliard in Aiken has done an excellent service to the community in bringing Juilliard performers to Aiken.

However, Mack failed to mention that the Aiken Performing Arts Group sponsored several performances by Juilliard students in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, arranged primarily through the efforts of Tom Hofstetter who was then president and founder of APAG.

In March 2005, Juilliard Jazz presented its first performance in Aiken and returned again in March 2006.

In March 2007, Juilliard’s Volando String Quartet came to Aiken, followed in March 2008 by another visit from Julliard Jazz.

It should be noted that at each of these visits, outreach programs were taken out to the area high schools.

Robert Barnett